The product has thickened!
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The OVOFLO thickens just as shell eggs will thicken when unrefrigerated. The coagulation of egg protein is activated when it is exposed to warm temperatures and this process is IRREVERSIBLE: it passes from an organic liquid substance to a solid mass (its texture will resemble that of mayonnaise). These thicker eggs are used in “crème caramel”, custards, Chinese soups and other such recipes. If you require the product to remain in its liquid state, it has to be kept refrigerated at all time. Take out only the required quantity and return the unused portion to the cooler promptly. Double your attention during the summer season!

Why does the OVOFLO become greenish when cooked in a skillet?
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GREENING: Cooked eggs may turn green if heat is to high (over 90°C or 194°F) or if held over heat for an extended period of time This is a natural chemical reaction from an iron-sulphur compound. To prevent greening:

  • Cook eggs in small batches, no larger than 4 liters at a time (3 quarts), at a temperature not exceeding 90°C or 194°F. Cook until no visible liquid egg remains.
  • You may by-pass the greening effect simply by adding either 1-ml (1⁄4 teaspoon) of lemon juice or 2-ml (1⁄2 teaspoon) of citric acid crystals to 1000g of OVOFLO. These ingredients lower the pH level by isolating the iron, neutralising a reaction with the sulphur.

Is there a procedure to reduce weeping when eggs are held in a steamtable?
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WEEPING: Water separating from cooked eggs (from syneresis) is caused by overcooking or by cooking and holding at high heat OR from the addition of watery ingredients. 

  • Substitute a medium white sauce for the liquid in the egg mixture. (One part medium to thick white sauce to five parts OVOFLO).
  • Use temperatures of 60°C (140°F) and above for steamtable holding

How do we eliminate a rubbery and dry texture?
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RUBBERY / DRY: This problem generally follows weeping and is the result of letting eggs stand to long in a steam table OR from overcooking and high heat.

  • It is recommended that you do not hold hot foods on buffet line for longer than 30 minutes, which would diminish the nutritive value

Can i safely use the OVOFLO to prepare eggnog?
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OVOFLO is excellent to prepare eggnog because it contains fresh eggs ONLY (no additives); it is filtered, homogenised and ultra-pasteurised.

The product does not rise!
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When OVOFLO is used in any preparation where beating is required, end-users often by-pass this operation because they mistakenly think that “homogenisation” equals “beating”. When whole eggs are beaten, air bubbles form in the white and foaming occurs. You have to proceed the same way with the OVOFLO as you would if you were using fresh shell eggs. The foaming properties will be activated as soon as you beat the OVOFLO.

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