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"EXPRESS" eggs, do your stuff

  • Radishes (leave a little greenery and cut extremity crosswise in order to fill in with either mayonnaise, yogurt…)
  • Grated horseradish lightly sprinkled with lemon juice or cider vinegar.
  • Red beets, cooked and finely sliced
  • Tomatoes, either cut in two (if not too big), sliced or quartered
  • Artichoke hearts with dressing
  • Celeriac in remoulade dressing
  • Heart-of-palm
  • Greek mushrooms
  • Fennel salad
  • Asparagus spears
  • Black and green olives
  • Mixed diced vegetables
  • Raw onion rings
  • Cucumber, partially hollowed
  • Red, green, yellow, orange pepper (in vinaigrette)
  • Potatoes “à la vinaigrette” generously sprinkled with chopped parsley
  • Cooked bouquets of cauliflower, with chervil and lettuce
  • Smoked salmon, or any other smoked fish (cod, haddock, redfish…)
  • Pollock
  • Caviar with a dash of minced tarragon
  • All types of canned shellfish:shrimp, crab, lobster…
  • Minced beefsteak with capers and mayonnaise (the classic “American filet in Belgium)
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