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About Us

Since the beginning of its operations in 1984, Vitoeuf has specialised in egg processing. The development of ovoproducts in the market is largely due to the surge in out-of-home dining and industrial manufacturing and ready-to-eat specialties. They offer many advantages: time and labour efficiency, ease-of-use, storage convenience, and food safety guarantee. Shell eggs contain many nutritional and multifunctional benefits but are not commercial user friendly. The transition from shell egg to processed egg is an easy and safe alternate for industrial use, according to strict bio-security standards.

At Vitoeuf we strongly promote ovo-products that require no additives (“Express” hard boiled eggs – “Ovoflo”  whole liquid eggs), thus maintaining all of the shell egg's specific organoleptic properties.

The targeted customer base is the food service industry :

Out-of-home dining, hotels, restaurants, caterers, health care facilities, institutions, commercial kitchens, sugar camps, pancake houses, speciality pastry shops, bakeries, pasta manufacturers, and all other industrial manufacturers...

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